Latest Travel Trends

Latest Travel Trends

Summertime! Time to head off to your favorite destination… will you embark on a ‘staycation’ traveling in your own country or will you fly away to some remote island or perhaps visit a bustling European city?

They say that “travel broadens the mind” and I think many would agree that exploring our wonderful and diverse planet can lead to greater understanding and sharing of knowledge between cultures. In short, travel is fantastic.” Tony Tyler CEO & DG of IATA.

The Evolution of Travel

65 billion passengers have flown in the past 100 years since the first scheduled flight to carry and paying passenger in 1914.

Air passenger numbers are 3+ billion annually now. It will take only 15 years to fly the next 65 billion passengers.

The global travel and tourism industry is now valued at $7.5 +trillion.

Low cost airlines increased industry competition and gave consumers greater choice and flexibility.

Mobile phone apps and Skype signified the end of international calling cards.

Itinerary alterations based on weather changes and local events feature in many apps.

The Smartphone camera has replaced the disposable camera. Holiday snaps are mostly shared on social media.

The Internet provides travellers with information and reviews on their chosen destinations.



NagaIndo Team

We started four years ago with three co-founders. Today NagaIndo has grown to a 12-man team and a full scale land developer.

NagaIndo is opening up a range of opportunities in Lombok for clients and investors – encouraging and supporting them in the challenge of turning their development visions into reality. Jean-Marc Reynier is the CEO and founder of NagaIndo and he is full of enthusiasm and positive energy as he talks about the company, about Lombok itself and how their futures are linked.

Hello Jean-Marc, tell us more about NagaIndo.
The word Naga means dragon. It’s a symbol of strength, so it’s a good choice for our company. The dragon is also on our logo, which goes from blue to green – the same colours you can see all around here in the vegetation and the sea. Indo is what the surfing world calls Indonesia and its thousands of surf breaks – so there’s another connection. NagaIndo encourages investment and development in Lombok.  There are plenty of opportunities for investors here but it’s important to know how to choose the best ones. We are a private equity company – performance oriented, and very efficient. We also have a strong commitment to

Sailing’s a cool way to enjoy the Alicante coast

Sailing's a cool way to enjoy the Alicante coast

“There is nothing like lying flat on your back on the deck, alone except for the helmsman aft at the wheel, silence except for the lapping of the sea against the side of the ship,”  keen sailor Errol Flynn said so eloquently,

And what could be finer than enjoying stunning scenery of golden beaches, picturesque coves, magnificent mountains and dramatic castles as you gently sail in the Alicante region of Spain?

There’s nearly 200 kilometres of coastline to discover after you fly in to Alicante airport and head for your beautiful sailing yacht. Sailing trips can be organised by the day, weekend, and a week or longer, depending on where you want to go. And with so many beautiful beaches and resorts to visit, you’ll need to plan wisely.

The fun starts when you board your boat and look back at Alicante to enjoy the views of the marina and the iconic Santa Barbara Castle. Look to the left side of the castle to see if you can spot the Moor’s face carved in the rock.

“You will see very dramatic views of Alicante from the sea,” said Steve Defries of Sailing

The Beginner’s Guide to Trips

Going on Vacation in Cancun We all hear unstoppable economic news that are not so pleasant to our ears. Large number of unemployment, the rising cost of living and gas prices are some examples that give us the statement that life is expensive and it is most likely to be that way all the time. Some things are what we need in our lives regardless of the expense. We are all surviving and living with all of these expenses but having a vacation once in a while happens when we truly live. Having a Cancun vacation would be prioritized and mainly a little saving over time, so as for other vacations. Though a little cash would go far, Cancun is such a deal. Warm Caribbean waves crashing against the white sandy beaches on Cancun since it is on the eastern coast of Mexican Yucatan. The sand on Cancun’s beaches is usually crushed coral that does not get blistering hot like most beaches. A lot of first-time visitors spent most of their time around those hot beaches where you can relax. All the activities close by the sea gives the visitors the ease to do. Just

Case Study: My Experience With Colleges

University Travel Accommodations – Tips and Guidelines You would be able to have nothing but the very best results when you take advantage of the travel accommodations that are offered to you in this day and age. Reservations have to be made when you travel to other places simply because everything has to be done right and you need to be careful with how you proceed with this venture. It can really be hard to travel and know what you want especially since there may not be enough options for you to choose from in the first place. There has to be planning and research done when you plan to travel to universities for schooling or other major reasons which you think would be ideal for your life. The best accommodations that people can choose are hotels so you may want to give it a try as well. There are ideal ways in which you would be able to boost your venture and there would surely be nothing to worry about when that is accomplished. You can focus on all the ideal measures that would let you have a trip of a lifetime and make

The Best Advice on Vacations I’ve found

Holidays and Cruise Ships With any vacation having so many possible options, you somehow feel like you are being pressured into choosing a deal right away, especially when it comes to planning your cruise vacation. There are many year round discounts available for those intending to book a cruise, the options vary from cruise ships, to the destination, and the desired date. To help you in choosing cruise deals to make sure you can save as much as possible, here are a few things you can consider. Sometimes, it would be better to book your cruise vacation with a travel agent since they have access to some of the best deals regarding vacations, doing a direct online booking with a cruise liner does not guarantee you a cheap and good deal. Also, if you go through a travel agent, you will have easier access to the different packages and price listing of the different cruise liners, which would make it easier for you to compare and decide. Most often than not, travel agents have their own media or online platforms that you can visit and where they post or upload contents about their services as well as

The Ultimate Guide to Options

Summer Lodging at Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is situated in a unique location. It is situated in the heart of Summit county. If you are holding corporate retreats, and meetings, then this place provides a good opportunity to hold them. Lodging is the biggest decision you will have to make when planning to go on a group trip. Space is enough to accommodate groups of any size in Copper Mountain. Their conference center at Copper mountain can fit more than a hundred people. Large ballrooms, on-site restaurants, skiing places, and hiking places for summer are all the meeting place amenities that you can use. Small delegations can be accommodated in private condos and hotel rooms. These lodging places have privacy, are affordable, and give direct access to all things Copper Mountain.

When you have finally settled in your Copper Mountain lodging, it is then time to plan out the activities for the group. Copper Mountain offers a wide array of activities from skiing, boarding, snowmobiling, skating, tubing, and enjoying the night life. During the summer the group can go hiking, shopping, biking, fishing, and watching festivals. If you find organizing your corporate retreat or meeting difficult, then you can seek

Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours Launched Catering to Surging Gastronomic Interest


(Barcelona, Spain)– Barcelona receives around 9 million visitors per year and ranks among the top European destinations when choosing where to visit for the quality of its food and gastronomy, stunning architecture and history. While travelers’ primary points of interest during their stays are local cuisine and culture, most remain confined to typical and well-known areas of the city.

This comes as no surprise to Andre Arriaza, spokesperson and co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local Food Tours whose passion for the city´s history and signature culinary offerings has been growing since his arrival in 2006. Along with his partner Marina Manasyan, and the surging enthusiasm for these aspects, the duo launched one of the best food tours in off beaten Barcelona.

Andre mentions, “We loved our new home in Barcelona from the moment we arrived, and it didn’t take long for us to become Mediterranean food lovers. We began taking notes on every food haunt we stumbled upon as well as the history and stories surrounding them”. Marina complements “We realized this wasn’t something to be kept secret, so we decided to share it with everyone. This is how our food tours came to be, and our signature food tour in trendy Sant Antoni

A Simple Plan: Vacations

Travel to Brazil: Why You Should Visit in Your Entire Lifetime There will come a time where you will find the need to travel to other places and regardless of whatever reason you have behind such decision, there will also be a number of things that you will have to carefully consider, especially when it comes to deciding which particular place you would like to visit to. However, if you just have not decided yet as to where you will want to go, then considering Brazil in your list will surely be a smart move to make due to the number of things that you will benefit from such. The very first thing that you will also have to consider is that there are more than 1,500 beaches that you can find here, making a decision to land on such to be really hard to pull off, not to mention that there also are about 500 island paradises that you will get to choose from as well. Another reason why you will have to consider going to Brazil when you want to go out and travel to another place is because of their Carnaval, and on this

5 Lessons Learned: Buses

Why A Bus Service Is So Beneficial When Travelling? A bus service in general offers transportation from point A to point B. On the other hand, you can also have accessibility to private service along with public shuttles. Whenever you plan for a picnic, or any special event, renting a dependable shuttle service is without a doubt the better choice you can make than driving your own car. These types of shuttle buses are intended for hotels, sightseeing tours and transportation. If you want to have a convenient way of travelling while enjoying utmost comfort and better privacy, then shuttle buses are the way to go. In the next paragraphs, I have listed some benefits of opting to travel in shuttle service. Number 1. If you consider renting such service, you can enjoy the whole trip mainly because the driver deals with the traffic issues and routes. Not only that, it is easy for these shuttles to accommodate large group of people. Traveling with group of friends are a lot more exciting than travelling alone and these shuttles are best mean of transportation for group travels. Number 2. Many travelers in today’s world are going towards airports

Figuring Out Resources

Various Activities in Utah Valley In order for our spare or leisure time to become meaningful, we often spend it with your family and friends and with this, we search for interesting places wherein we could find enjoyable times with our loved ones and seize that moment. Utah Valley is one of the famous places in the state wherein there are so many activities that can be done by people or families who go here and these activities depend on the weather or climate if it is hot or cold. There are now websites that can be seen online wherein the various activities that can be done in Utah Valley can be seen and people can choose from these kinds of activities whether it is summer or winter so that it would be convenient for them. The great thing about this activities in Utah Valley is that the people can customized their activities online so that they can create a good package or good deal based on their preferred activities because the people can choose their chosen activities and this would save them time and money.
5 Uses For Vacations
If you will search the

What You Should Know About Sales This Year

Tips and Tricks for Buying Cheap Airline Tickets Who doesn’t want to fly cheap these days? And why not? Every cent counts, unless you grow money trees in your yard. Even if you did, there are still more things to buy or spend on, so every chance to get a discount always matters. Below are the rules for buying cheap airline tickets: 1. Compare, compare, compare!
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tickets? This May Help
Why is this important?
Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Tickets? This May Help
Because airlines don’t charge the same rates, and no airline always has the cheapest. Comparing – which is really fast and easy online – can save you a lot. . 2. Get airfare alerts. If you’re certain where you plan to go, sign up for an airfare alert on that destination. This too just takes a second, and you will have the deals coming to you. When you get a great offer, start booking. Keep in mind that other people have set alerts, and cheap seats come with a limit. Cheapest Days of the Week There are guidelines on when you can book the cheapest

Figuring Out Options

Why Choose A Travel Package For Your Next Holiday? Travelling can be quite expensive, most especially when you are bringing several people and you want to give them an experience that would be remembered for as long as they live. Despite the fact that it may be hard to limit people from things that they want to enjoy during the holidays, it is important that you do not go beyond your budget and be sure that you strike balance as you enjoy the holidays. One of the best ways for you to save money as you’re travelling to a destination that you want is by making few adjustments to your holiday plans. It can come handy to have a holiday travel packages in terms of saving money when travelling. Normally, the tour packages are assembled by travel agents together with holiday service providers in order to give them easy time of enjoying holidays from the destination they have selected. They’re ready and all you have to do is to select a package that suits your preferences and requirements and pay the amount needed before you can travel. These packages of course come with benefits of their own

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Activities

A Swing of Golf Golf is one of the known sports that you, your friends and family enjoy playing for fun or for a competition. It is of an advantage for a golf arena to be in a place where the climate is favourable for this sport. With a Mediterranean climate feel of dry and warm summers, along with mild winters very seldom below fifty degrees, the state of San Diego is fortunate to have this climate condition. There are several golf courses that you can find in and around this state. These courses offer several playing conditions and wide selection of tee times through their websites that you can book online. Different golfing opportunities are made available from different golf clubs in this wonderful city. Other amenities are also provided by these clubs like club houses, fine dining, exercise and sauna rooms, tennis and swimming courts, aside from the golf course’s area. You won’t run out of venues for special events like weddings, receptions and conventions with these golf clubs around.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Sports
Applicable for both beginners and experts, there is a golf course downtown that offers both

The Art of Mastering Companies

Finding The Right Limo Services Through the years, a lot of individuals are aware of the fact that vehicles play an important role in the lives of so many people. Due to the presence of vehicles, people are capable of doing several things nowadays. With the limousine industry flourishing, limos are the type of vehicles any individual would want to enjoy for himself. Most people thought before that limousines are the vehicles that only the rich and famous could enjoy. The truth of the matter is that every individual is still given the chance to experience riding a limousine without the need of buying one. Since the use of limo had been in demand nowadays, there are companies who are offering limo rental services to people. If you are trying to find a good limousine company, there are so many choices that you might want to consider. In choosing a good limousine service provider, you need to check what amenities are included and the personal chauffeur that you have. Limousine companies are just one call away for you to acquire a reservation from them. Limousine services are often used by people if they want to go to

Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Vehicles

Why Limo Services are Really Popular Hiring a limousine service for the reason of airport transport is something which is not new. If you are not able to reach the airport on time, this can be frustrating, complicated, stressful and one that can be messy. Due to the fact that boarding, security checks and different airport formalities are time-consuming, it is highly important that you reach the airport on time if you don’t want to miss your flight. In these kind of cases, limousine services will be the best option for you to acquire as these services could in fact pick you up from your doorstep and be able to drop you to your desired location, which is certainly the best way for you to avoid frustrations and stress. That’s not the only benefits that you are able to get from them as there are tons of benefits to which it is able to offer. One of the other benefits that you could actually get from it would be where you are going to reach your destination on time. Reputable limousine services are in fact going to make sure that you are going to reach your destination

Figuring Out Resources

Utah Valley: The Golden Place You Should Consider Including in Your List In the event that you are planning to have a long break and you want to enjoy this day the best that you could, then you will most likely meet a number of things that can be considered as a great option and choice, and one of these is to consider Utah Valley. Here, you will also find a number of things that you will want to include in your search, one of which is the Gardens that is located at the Thanksgiving Point and in case you have just heard about the place, then today will be the time for you to enjoy the luxury of the stunning place. Considering the Gardens will surely be one thing that people like you don’t want to miss because the view that you will see in such place will surely be golden, especially when summer time has come. The reason why you should consider going to Thanksgiving Point Gardens in Lehi, Utah is because the land is just stuffed with gardens, spread out in over 55 acres of land, with 15 themed gardens and a Children’s Discovery

5 Uses For Holidays

Everything You Need to Know About Holidays for the Summer There are a lot of different kinds of holiday trips that you will be able to do in the summer and the hardest part for you would be to simply figure out what kind of trip that you will want to go on. It is important to be cautious when you are trying to get a good holiday deal because some deals can be extremely cheap and some people will say that it is better to avoid these kinds of deals because typically they will have you stay in some kind horrible hotel but then there are some people that say you can get some insane bargains so make sure you do some research and make sure you know exactly what you are getting. When you are trying to have a deal that is good then you will really have to keep into mind a number of different factors such as the fact that companies that handle these kinds of holiday deals are becoming more aggressive nowadays and coming out with a lot of deals and packages. You can get some great deals because of the heavy

Getting Down To Basics with Clubs

Great Reasons to Join a Private Golf Club The first thing that you need to be able to have with you if you will be playing in your local golf club or across the country tournaments is none other than a legitimate handicap. The strokes that a player has made will be subtracted from his overall score in that round is what is meant by handicap in the world of golf. Leveling the playing field is of great importance which is why this is being done. One of the many benefits that you will be able to get from a private golf club is that you may have a handicap with you if you wish. Most of the time it is the competition or professional secretary that will be helping you out, you just need to be able to submit a 3 to 5 score cards of general play. The practice facilities like practice greens and driving nets as a matter of fact are only some of the many facilities that you will be provided with a private golf club. These are the kinds of facilities that you can make use of no matter what time of

Why Services Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Some Tips on Planning a Church Retreat Planning a church retreat is not an easy task and it requires hard work as you encounter challenges at times that you think everything is going well. However, you do not have to go through that. For certain, a right of diligence form you is important and this will take time. Always keep in mind that a poorly executed retreat is worse than not have one in the first place. This article will give you some helpful tips in planning a successful church retreat. First you must make sure that you have a clear purpose for the retreat. It is vital to make sure that what the retreat offers is something that will interest everyone. Do not assume that what you find interesting will also be interesting for everyone else. Get an idea on what everyone needs by asking them about their interest during fellowship.
3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience
Second, you should consider the facility you choose. Ask the potential participants of the retreat what their expectations are on the type of facilities they need. One important question you must not fail to

Finding Similarities Between Houses and Life

Tips On Renting Apartments Apartments are available almost anywhere and they provide a variety of features. However, you should know that renting an apartment can prove to be time consuming. Also, people before had it easier when it comes to looking for the apartment that they like and would want to rent for the rest of the night or day or even months. Since there are many people today who are trying to find the apartment that they would like to rent, the internet has provided the connectivity for people to have it easier when finding an apartment. If you’re trying to find an apartment that would suit your taste and preference, then this article will provide you with some useful tips to follow. When it comes to the things that you’ll have to consider first, always keep in mind the price for renting the apartment. You have to make sure that the rental charges won’t have any kind of increase while you’re there. You also need to verify if the expenses for the utility are included in the rent or not. The apartments rental deposit is also something that you have to verify before

5 Uses For Planners

Why Business Industries Requires Strategic Approach to Corporate Travel Do you happen to be a supervisor or a company owner frequently seeing yourself dispatching staff and sales persons to conferences, business networking occasions, and symposiums anywhere in the country? You are likely seeing the procedure quite demanding and have previously attempted various ways to make things simpler. If you happen have not yet made any improvement in transforming your company travel, it is comprehensible. Nevertheless, systematizing a business trip can be a difficult jobs in spite of the population of your company. For that reason, you need to have an agreement with a business travel organizing corporation. A prominent company has the knowledge and skill that will make your corporate travel management easy to accomplish. It will come as a surprise to you at the totality of time and money you can put aside through the process of consenting an efficient professional to twist, way, and spruce several objects here and there. If it occurs that you have been arranging your corporate trip in your home, it is time to distribute your time much more in effect and subcontract your travel administration to a company. Have you

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Vacations? This May Help

Summer Holiday Ideas If you wish to have a nice summer holiday with loved ones, family or group of friends, then make sure that is organized ahead of time. From the kind of vacation you like to have, to where you wish to go and so on, there are so many things that should be taken into consideration. You’ll be able to take advantage of fantastic deals being offered by flight operators, car hire companies and hotel groups if you are going to plan in advance. Aside from that, it is going to help you in finding all inclusive deals that are affordable, which will help you budget your summer holiday properly. Say that you are traveling without children, then consider to look at month leading to school holidays or perhaps, months after school holidays. This is basically the best time to which the prices are going to drop dramatically and still, you will enjoy nice weather throughout your vacation.
Why No One Talks About Tips Anymore
Without a doubt, the costliest time for you to travel is during summer school holiday as everyone books their vacation throughout this holiday period. Therefore, if you don’t