Far down in the heart of the Southern Africa lies the Caprivi region – a unique, enchanting and inspiring destination that will make you forget about your daily worries. Hazel, a recent visitor on the Chobe Princess houseboat, formerly known as the Pride of the Zambezi, docked on the Chobe River, describes her river safari experience best when she says, “The world and its problems were not our concern for four fabulous days – it was just us and Africa as it should be experienced!”

What makes the Caprivi such a special place?

An avid birder will certainly be astounded by the abundance and variety of birdlife in the Caprivi region. The twitching and chirping that can be heard in the air mixed with a selection of colours, shapes and sizes, can only be described with one word; bewildering.“The Caprivi is a total paradise!  I am a devout twitcher (birder) so five lifers (birds I have never identified before) in four days was just the ultimate,” Hazel explains. The Caprivi birdlife ranges from the grand Fish Eagle to the elegant Giant Kingsfisher and anything in between.

Fish Eagle

However, birds are not the only aspect that astonishes a visitor in this Southern African wildlife wonderland. A variety of beautiful creatures, including thousands of elephants, inhabit the Chobe National Park and the neighbouring Caprivi region. Hazel continues to describe his houseboat experience, “Not that birds were all that interested me – getting up so close to elephants, hippos, crocodiles and buffalo was just so very special.”

Indeed, this unique destination at the bottom of Africa is where you can see one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in the whole of Africa. Watch the elephants cross the river in huge herds, hear the grandiose roar of a lion, spot a hippo partly submerged in the water or see the shy leopard climb up a tree – whatever the sight, Caprivi will not leave a wildlife lover dissatisfied.

Pair the abundance of birdlife and wildlife with the tranquil, serene surroundings of the Chobe River and take in the spirit of Africa, like Mother Nature would expect of you.

Our Top 10 Montenegro experiences for 2015

White Water Rafting on Tara River

The River Tara is the longest and most beautiful river in Montenegro. Its canyon is world famous being the second deepest in the world after The Grand Canyon!  It is also known throughout Montenegro as ‘The Pearl of the Mountains’ with water that is drinkable along its entire flow.

Tara is also really interesting for its extreme sports. First of all rafting! Rafting is really popular as for the locals same for the tourists. There are plenty of companies and agencies who can offer you to go rafting, but the main and the most important thing for you to know is who are the professionals. You can not go with anybody, because this could be dangerous, and in that case you would prefer to have a pro next to you. Advice, for choosing the agency to go rafting with, you can get from the Local Tourism Boards, when you are in Montenegro, or you can contact us. There are different kinds of offer, and those mostly depend on the length of the rafting. There are:one-day rafting (12 or 30 km long) from 9:30 am – 2 pm or from 2 pm – 5 pm or two day rafting (75 km long). If you decide for longer one you will stay one night in the rafting camp, eating national food and hanging out with the locals. Rafting can be tremendously fun and you need to be an adventurer spirit to like it. On the spot where it starts you get all the equipment needed: special suit, helmet, special shoes etc. Remember, water is freezing even in the middle of the summer, so you need to put on all the equipment you get from the organizer. Everyone joining one rafting boat needs to work hard as a part of the team, to make one rafting success. Price is 35 € per person with breakfast and lunch included if you choose one day rafting. If you are staying over the night in the camp, then you pay for the accommodation too.

Lekki Leisure Lake

Have you ever found yourself with time on your hands, and wondering what do to with yourself over the weekend in Lagos? Maybe you havent mapped out what kind of activities you would be involved in? Well if you are outdoors type who doesnt mind getting a little wet then look no further.

The Lekki Leisure Lake situated along the Lekki Peninsular in Lagos,  is where you want to be. This is a family oriented resort located beside the Vantage beach Hotel, and packed  with very exciting activities.

Courtesy Lekki Leisure Lake

To give you a little idea..

  • There are the Quad Bikes that navigates you through a designated beach track. These bikes are open for use for anyone above age 12. The dirt tracks are safe enough to race on with family and friends which can be a great laugh.
  • Pedal Boats on the lake are a great way for families, or couples to bask in the sun while having fun also. Pedal Boats allow at maximum of 4 persons or a minimum of 2.
  • Pontoon Boat allows you a closer view of the beautiful yet natural lekki penisular and its environs in the compnay loved ones or goups and is a great  way to cruise along the lake.
  • Jet skiing under the guidance of an instructor is the real adventure especially as you feel the adrenaline rush. This is pure fun that literally leaves you shaken up as well as refreshed, gagging for more.
  • The Wave boat  accommodate 6 persons and isideal for small groups be warned it design for great funit navigates the waters on a jet ski so goes very fast.

Courtesy Lekki Leisure Lake

You want to enjoy your time at Lekki Leisure lake to the fullest, especially with all the perfectly safe fun activities to be had. However getting a feel of value for money  largely depends on your pocket.  The resort operates a pay as you system, so you can choose to buy more time for maximum excitement, or spend in moderation.

In our opinion the fees arent cheap but probably one of the only locations in Lagos that offers this amount of fun.

Opening Times and Fees

The resort  is opened only on weekends and public holidays from 12noon – 9pm with an entrance fee of N1,000.00 (One thousand naira only) for adults and N500.00 (Five hundred naira only) for children under age 10. Please be ware that pets as well as bringing in food and drinks is prohibited.

Once in the resort there are fees for each activity for adults only. So as a guide activities like:-

Jet Skiis  attract a fee of N5,000.00 for 15minutes use if unaccompanied by an instructor. If not accompanied by an instructor, the fee is N3,000.00 for 15minutes use.  A compulsory refundable deposit of N15,000.00 must be paid before going on this ride.

Water Craft, Floats, Quad bikes, Boats prices range from N500 – N2500 per person.

Food and Drink

There is foods and drinks menu so you wont be hungry or thirsty while at the resort.


The resort operates within the guidlines of a documented satefy policy.

Courtesy Lekki Leisure Lake

So If on the look out for something to do, or wondering what are some of the things to do in Lagos, you can take a further look at the Lekki Leisure Lake’s website to learn more and see if its right for you.

Come Compete In Rote Surfing Rote Island to come alive with surfers

The government of Rote Ndao district in East Nusa Tenggara has confirmed the participation of surfers from 18 countries in an international surfing event at Nembrala Beach in Rote Island in November this year. At least 100 surfers are expected take part in the event, many with families or partners in tow.

Bo’a-Nembrala Development Committee decided that the surfing event will take place in the second or third week of November.

“Surfers and tourists from 18 countries in Asia, Europe, and America will come to Rote Island for the international surfing event in November, and this is an opportunity for us to introduce Indonesian tourism.

Arrangements have been coordinated with the East Nusa Tenggara Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency to ensure favorable weather and perfect waves for the international surfing event in Rote Island will be occurring.

“We are going to hold another meeting in August to prepare for this international event, and therefore, we have handed over the task to the Bo’a-Nembrala Development Committee to make the best possible preparations.”

In the meantime, East Nusa Tenggara Provincial Tourism Office Chief Marius Ardu Jelamu expressed his complete support for the international surfing event at Nembrala Beach in Rote Island.

“We must be ready from now on to conduct repair and restoration work in the city and other tourist spots in order to attract the tourists and surfers who will come to participate in the international event,” Marius remarked.

Marius noted that East Nusa Tenggara has several tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches, tourism villages, superb underwater life and the local culture.

“After participating in the international surfing event, the surfers and tourists will not return home directly. They will certainly stay on for several days to visit the other tourist attractions of Rote and Kupang across the water,” Marius pointed out.

The south west coast of Rote is home to an array of world class surfing locations, from long winding lefts, to bone crushing rights. The western orientation of Nemberala Bay offers exposure to the same south and south-west swells that pound the Indonesian shoreline from March to November, while its orientation ensures offshore conditions all day in the prevailing South East trades, with light to variable conditions in early and late season and stiffer winds in July and August. All the main spots are within easy access of Anugerah Beach Resort, either by boat or by land.

Rote surf slide

Diving and Marine LIfe

The island of Rote is also one of Indonesia’s new frontiers in dive exploration, home to a diverse array of dive sites all around its expansive coastline, combined with a handful of offshore islands, all bursting with new spots to explore. Despite the prevailing south-west swell in dry season, there is always somewhere to go within an hour’s boat ride from Nemberala, and clients can add diving to the fantastic selection of activities that already exist on this tropical island jewel.

Anugerah Surf and Dive Resort offers the only dive school on the island, with a full range of dive courses, equipment and facilities, including dive boats, a training pool and PADI certified instructors. Rote is the ideal place to enjoy a complete ocean experience.

Rated **** by WorldDivingReview

The family owned Anugerah Surf and Dive Resort has been accommodating surfers since 1995. It has become the most popular resort on Rote, due to the friendly atmosphere, personal service, unequalled location and reasonable prices. Anugerah means “Blessed” or “Grace” and the expression is highly appropriate, for guests and owners alike, who are blessed indeed to spend time in this truly unique corner of the world.