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Recipe For Beef Seasoning With Mushroom

If you like both mushroom and beef, and now looking for beef seasoning recipe that has mushroom as part of the recipe, moreover the one that is easy to cook, read on. Guess what? To make delicious food, sometimes it is not as complicated as you may think. In fact, sometimes it is very easy, but still gives you delicious taste. So then, you better not surprise that after you try the recipe, your family will acknowledge your cooking skill. Now, take a look what you need to turn the recipe into a pleasant-tasting food.

For the main ingredient, you will need beef and mushroom. But the ingredients for the seasoning are; smashed garlic, chopped leek, sliced onion, butter, vegetable oil, black pepper, Royco seasoning, salt and soy sauce. Once you prepare your cook appliances that are needed to cook beef and mushroom, then you can start. To season the beef, you can add vegetable oil, black pepper, Royco, and garlic. Take some time to mix them evenly. Only when you think it is enough, you can melt the butter to stir fry the beef.

You need to wait for some time, before you add another ingredient. Then, when you find  the beef looks more brown, more when you smell something delicious from the beef, add soy sauce, mushroom, salt, and another part of Royco seasoning. Again you need to wait for some time. The last step for the recipe once you are sure that just minutes the beef will be done, straightly add onion and leek. What do you think about the recipe? To cook the recipe, normally you will spend about 65 minutes, twenty minutes to prepare the food and the rest time to cook the beef. In addition, if you use 150g for beef, you can feed four persons.

Cheap Hotel To Book When Visiting Cirebon

When it comes to vacation plan, the very first thing to consider aside from where to go, then it is must be your budget. However, you know what? If you think about spending some time in Cirebon for your next vacation plan, you don’t need to worry that much, at for a place to stay, since there is cheap Cirebon hotel. Nevertheless, Cirebon is known as the oldest city within few which makes this city even more interesting. Also, there are many jaw dropping destinations you can visit like Kesambi, Kedawung, and some other places you have in mind.


After you decide which place to visit, whether you want to enjoy its culinary, history, or anything, the next thing which is also important is a place to stay while you are away from home. No need something expensive or luxury if you can’t afford it, however ensure that you it caters comfortableness that you need to lean back and relax after spending a whole day wander around the city. Fortunately, there are good hotels in Cirebon with good prices that make even those in-budget travelers can book, curios? If so, you better read on.


Those who only can afford IDR 229,500 per night, Hotel Apita Express is worth booking. Apart from comfortable hotel room and the hotel facility like free Wi-Fi for 24/7, this hotel is located pretty near with any destination that you want to visit when either you or you with your family spend some time in Cirebon. Else, if you have more budget like IDR 317,262 to pay per night, then Amaris Cirebon is what you need. Say that you look for a good hotel nears station, this hotel is a good option. The hospitality of the staffs will ease your first day there.


The room is clean, and if you are a business traveler, this hotel is quite popular among other business travelers. Not to mention, however, if you expect to get the benefits of affordable,yet comfortable hotel room, be sure that you book your preference hotel in Cirebon through certain hotel booking site like MIster Aladin for instance. Not only those above mentioned hotels, if you expect another option that like 4-star hotel as your budget allows you to do so, there you find some hotels that fit to your need, and, guess what? That option, too, you’ll find affordable for special discount.

Exploring Istanbul in a most satisfying way

Turkey, it is a great place where Middle East and western cultures blended perfectly; one of the places in the world that provide multiple fabulous things. Istanbul as its capital is believed to be the central of everything, representing the whole country uniqueness to be enjoyed by both domestic and foreign tourists. However, not all people could understand such a beauty; everything that is so pleasing to the eye might be invisible to those lonely men. Men who do not believe in marriage moreover, unable to find how to spend their time in an amazing city like Istanbul; how sad they are.

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The things you should know from Brussels’ best escort pioneer

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Air travel and climate: What is the link?

Global air travel contributes around 3.5 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions behind/driving anthropogenic climate change, according to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But what impact does a warming planet have on air travel and how might that, in turn, affect the rate of warming itself?

A new study by researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and University of Wisconsin Madison found a connection between climate and airline flight times, suggesting a feedback loop could exist between the carbon emissions of airplanes and our changing climate. The study was published in this week’s Nature Climate Change.

“Upper level wind circulation patterns are the major factor in influencing flight times,” says lead author Kris Karnauskas, an associate scientist in WHOI’s Geology and Geophysics Department. “Longer flight times mean increased fuel consumption by airliners. The consequent additional input of CO2 into the atmosphere can feed back and amplify emerging changes in atmospheric circulation.”

The study began when co-author Hannah Barkley, a doctoral student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, asked Karnauskas a deceptively simple question. Barkley had noticed a direct flight she took from Honolulu back to the east coast–a route she has flown many times as field scientist–took far less time than expected, and she asked Karnauskas why that might be.

“The first thing that came to mind was, what did the flight-level winds look like that day,” Karnauskas says.

They quickly queried a database of the winds on a NOAA website, selecting for the altitude jets fly at and plugging in the date of Barkley’s flight, and saw that the jet stream that day was extra fast.

“There was just a big swath of extra-fast westerly winds stretching from Honolulu, Hawaii, to Newark,” says Karnauskas. “It was just serendipitous, as if she was part of some kind of golden mileage club where the atmosphere just opens up for you.”

The finding piqued their curiosity about just how unusual Barkley’s experience was, and the simple question led to a study of decades worth of data on flights between Honolulu and the North American West Coast (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle) by four different air carriers.

Through a database maintained by the Department of Transportation they were able to download departure and arrival data by each airline and the routes traveled–for every single flight that has occurred over the past 20 years. Because the upper level winds blow from west to east, the eastbound leg of a roundtrip flight is generally faster than the westbound leg. After quality controlling the data, Karnauskas plotted the differences in flight times for eastbound and westbound flights and noticed that regardless of the airline carrier, the difference for all the carriers looked the same, over the past 20 years.

“Whatever was causing these flights to change their duration, was the exact same thing, and it wasn’t part of the airline’s decision-making process,” Karnauskas says. The hypothesis was born that climate variability (not just day-to-day weather) determines flight times.

He began digging into massive volumes of atmospheric data to assemble a “composite” snapshot of what the atmosphere looks like on days where the difference in flight times is large, versus small. When he overlaid the plots of the airlines’s differences in flight times with graphs of wind variability at climatic time scales, Karnauskas says he “was pretty blown away.” The plots were virtually identical.

Even after smoothing out the seasonal differences (the jet stream is always a little stronger in winter and weaker in summer), leaving him with the year-to-year variability, the match held up almost perfectly. Flight-level wind speed explained 91 percent of the year-to-year variance. The result also pointed toward the influence of El Niño — Southern Oscillation (ENSO) — a phenomenon Karnauskas has studied extensively.

As the temperature of the equatorial Pacific Ocean rises and falls, like a pebble in a pond, atmospheric waves are set off toward the higher latitudes of both hemispheres, where they change circulation patterns.

“I came into this study, thinking this is going to be a weird junket that is totally unrelated to anything I do, but it really led me back to El Niño, which is what I do.”

Karnauskas found that just by looking at the state of the tropical Pacific Ocean, he could predict what the airlines’ ΔT had been. For this so-called hindcast, “we’re talking about anomalies happening down at the equator that are affecting the atmosphere in such a spatially broad way, that it’s probably influencing flights all around the world.”

Their analysis also determined that the difference in flight times between eastbound and westbound flights on any given route didn’t cancel each other out; rather there was a residual. In other words, when an eastbound flight became 10 minutes shorter, the corresponding westbound flight became 11 minutes longer.

According to Karnauskas, it took some “obsessive drilling into the data to find that residual, and at face value it seems very minor.” The net additional flying time for a pair of eastbound and westbound flights between, for example, Honolulu and LA is only a couple minutes for every 10 mph speedup of the prevailing wind. But, he says, “the wind really fluctuates by about 40 mph, so multiply those couple of minutes by each flight per day, by each carrier, by each route, and that residual adds up quickly. We’re talking millions of dollars in changes in fuel costs.”

Once the researchers had proven that the atmospheric circulation affects how long planes are in the air, they began to wonder about the impact climate change would have on the airline industry.

According to the study, there are approximately 30,000 commercial flights per day in the U.S. If the total round-trip flying time changed by one minute, commercial jets would be in the air approximately 300,000 hours longer per year. This translates to approximately 1 billion additional gallons of jet fuel, which is approximately $3 billion in fuel cost, and 10 billion kilograms of CO2 emitted, per year.

“We already know that as you add CO2 to the atmosphere and the global mean temperature rises, the wind circulation changes as well–and in less obvious ways,” says Karnauskas.

Based on what they had learned about the airlines’ residual flight times, the researchers explored how climate models predict the atmospheric circulation to change and to make some estimates of how much more CO2 will be emitted by the airline industry in the face of those changes. Currently, global climate models to not incorporate inputs from air travel, so this potential feedback is missing from our state-of-the art models.

Karnauskas believes this information could be useful for the airline industry to more efficiently plan for future fuel costs, reallocate fuel resources, refine the predicted flight durations for their customers, and better manage all the inconveniences and manpower related to flight delays.

While this study focuses on a very small subset of the total global airline traffic, Karnauskas has plans to expand this study to include all US and European flights — a massive undertaking. To work with such large datasets, Karnauskas has been granted access to Azure, a powerful cluster of networked computers operated by Microsoft, under a special research grant jointly offered between Microsoft Research and the White House Climate Data Initiative.

In reflecting on the findings of this project and the simple question Barkley had initially asked, Karnauskas says one of the biggest surprises is that the airline industry doesn’t seem to be aware of the flight time patterns.

“The airline industry keeps a close eye on the day-to-day weather patterns, but they don’t seem to be concerned with cycles occurring over a year or longer,” he says. “They never say, ‘Dear customer, there’s an El Niño brewing, so we’ve lengthened your estimated flight duration by 30 minutes.’ I’ve never seen that.”

The Travel Pillow And 5 Various Travel Tips Which May Improve The Manner You Take A Trip

Visiting different places is certainly exciting especially if you’re going on a trip on your own or with your loved ones. The countless brand-new and interesting attractions and sounds that you may be encountering the first time certainly will be life altering. Then again, usually there are some factors that will bring about in making the ideal get-away into a nightmare.

To help with making your own travel experience even more of a fantasy and less of a bad dream, we will talk about some of the most fantastic travel cheats that you’ll truly wish you realized sooner. Just before that though, allow us to just simply talk about a brief yet handy strategy that can significantly influence your own comfort and relaxation.

A neck pillow might not exactly look much but this common tool can greatly make it easier to loosen up and maybe even go to sleep on your journey. A superb memory foam pillow can avoid or lessen neck, shoulder and also upper back problems to get a much more comfortable trip.

Should you decide to travel, we seriously recommend that you get yourself a high-quality memory pillow. A memory pillow is definitely better choice in comparison with inflatable or bean filled ones. If possibleFree Web Content, try the actual pillow first or maybe read the testimonials prior to buying it so you’re able to confirm that it fits your own neck and can fulfill your needs.

Now that we’re done with that suggestion listed here are the 5 astounding travel cheats that could affect the way you look at traveling for good.

An alternative way of charging your own items

This can be a very awesome tip when you forget to bring your own device’s wall connector. The majority of accommodations nowadays possess TV set that has USB slots. All you need to do would be to charge your own gadget utilizing the USB slot of the TV set in the room.

Scan travel papers or passports

This is a handy backup plan should you lose your own travel files. You are able to scan your own travel files and save all of them inside your smartphone or even tablet. You could also save it on your dropbox to help you access it where you go.

Alternative usage of a shower cap

You could start using a shower cap to shield the bottom part of your sneakers. This is extremely helpful to save space or just in case your own bag does not have any additional section for the footwear.

Help keep your own headsets tangle free

To avoid having your headsets twisted you can actually wind them around a folder clip. You can also affix the actual binder to your bag or back pocket for quick access.

Collars and belts go together

This is often pretty convenient in the event that you happen to be going on a business trip. To prevent ruining or wrinkling your own shirt you’re able to line the actual collars together with your belt to make sure they’re crispy. You also get to save some space in your own baggage when carrying this out.

We hope that you find the following pointers helpful for your next trip. Don’t forget to constantly bring a top quality neck pillow to help make your trip a lot more calming and comfortable.

Travel Safety with Access America and Travelsafe Travel Insurance

There are several different types of travel insurance that you can choose when you are looking to protect your travel investment. Two of the most well known travel insurance companies are Access America and Travelsafe Travel Insurance. If you are planning on traveling in the United States or abroad, it is a good idea to get travel insurance to cover the cost of your trip in case something goes wrong.

Both Access America and Travelsafe Travel Insurance offer travel insurance for someone who is traveling in a variety of different methods – by air, sea or train. Access America is more geared towards domestic travel, although it is also used by those who are traveling out of the country. Many of the people who get Access America travel are getting it because they are going on a cruise.

Cruising along with Access America and Travelsafe Travel

Cruises are the number one reason why people get travel insurance. Cruises are subject to many mishaps, especially when due to the weather. One of the best aspects about choosing Access America as your travel insurance is that they will insure a cruise. There are exclusions when it comes to insuring the cruise during hurricane season, but you can still get some type of insurance. This means that if your cruise is cancelled due to a hurricane or other act of nature, you can recoup some of your money.

Medical Coverage with Access America and Travelsafe Travel

Travelsafe Travel Insurance is a good option when you are leaving the country and are worried about medical coverage. Medical coverage is something that many people are concerned about when they visit another country that may have foods that are different than what they are used to in the United States.

Many people who are older also worry about medical coverage when they are out of the country. By getting a policy with Travelsafe Travel Insurance, these worries are alleviated. You can get the coverage that you need when you choose Travelsafe and chose one of their package deals.

Looking for Package Deals?

Both Travelsafe Travel Insurance and Access America offer package deals for travel that you can get for yourself by going online. Both of these insurance companies also procure travel agents when it comes to selling the travel insurance. You can get the travel insurance through the agency itself when you are booking your own trip, or you can purchase the travel insurance when you book a trip through a travel agency.

If you are looking for a good deal on cruise travel insurance, you may want to take a look at the packages that are available through Access America. They have reasonable cruise insurance packages that will even cover acts of nature.

If you are worried about getting sick when you travel outside of the country, you may want to check out Travelsafe Travel Insurance as a form of travel insurance. It is important to note that both of these travel insurance companies offer insurance for cruises, medical attention in other counties, lost baggage and other problems that may occur and cause you a loss when you are on vacation. If you are spending money on a tripComputer Technology Articles, you will want to back it up by making sure that you have travel insurance.

One way travel

What do we mean by one way travel? This is taken to mean when someone has open ended travel plans and has not bought a return leg or, perhaps, if someone is emigrating and wants to have cover for the travel part of their itinerary. The advice here is to check the policy wording carefully. Some policies, mostly at the cheaper end of the market, will not have cover in place for one way travel and will require travellers to have purchased, or have proof of purchase, of a return ticket and insurers will ask to see this, if and when, a claim is made. Once you have found a travel insurance provider who will cover one way travel, you do need to remember that cover will only be provided for the period of their insurance or there could be a restriction on how long the cover is in place once you have arrived at your final destination. This could easily be overlooked. Likewise, don’t assume that your annual multi-trip insurance policy will cover you for the period you spend away, as most of these policies do have trip limits. So if your annual policy allows you to take individual trips of, say, 31 days per trip, then if your one way travel exceeds this then you will definitely not be covered after that period. The same applies to single trip travel insurance policies. For instance, if you planning to take out a three week insurance policy to go backpacking in Europe this summer to attend Euro 2008, then don’t exceed your insurance period and still assume you are covered. The lure of the open road, not restricted by an end dateScience Articles, has much to recommend it but don’t let this search for complete travel freedom catch you out.

A comprehensive list of travel agents

However, there has been a sea change in the preparation scenario. Yes, gone are the days where you were required to make all your travel arrangements without adequate guidance.


Travel agents and efficient ones at that, are functioning across the globe. With many of them vying with each other to sign up a customer, there is a confusion that prevails among the travelers. Do I get the best deal? Am I dealing with a licensed travel agent? Will my tour be hassle free? These are some of the questions that are foremost in the minds of a traveler trying to book a travel agent.


All these questions will be satisfactorily resolved if you can get hold of a comprehensive travel agent guide. When you have comprehensive list of agents, you can check out each and everyone on the list by either calling them up or visiting their website to find out about the services rendered by them.


The World Wide Web is playing a very vital role in the life of every individual who has access to the internet. You can select a travel agent on the internet, check out their services, and book them online in a jiffy. And, interestingly you can do all this no matter in which part of the world you happen to live in.


If you have been planning to go on a tour along with family and friends, then you would want it to be comfortable. But in case the cost factor plays a pivotal role in your tour idea, it is important that you check out for travel agents that will work a plan that will be within your budget. Many agents do understand that affordability is an important factor in attracting clients and hence work a plan that would be suitable for one and all.


Apart from merely booking the flight, train,or bus tickets, an agent should also take care of your local transportation, sight seeing, book hotels or bed and breakfast, arrange for guides etc. All these additional services are very important for a traveler.


ThereforeFree Articles, choose the best one from a comprehensive list of travel agents and make your tour a grand success.