Our Party Was over an Hour Away, Glad Our Ride Was Comfortable!

Every year we have a family Christmas party an hour away in a big fancy hall. It’s kind of a fun adventure for us, as we all get expensive clothes and pretend like we’re rich and famous. Normally we just take our cars, but we wanted to step up our game this year. There is a lot of us, so we chose to check out a flyer we found that said visite our party buses.

While the bus wasn’t really a fancy option, like a limo or a hummer limo would have been, it was a great choice. It fit all of our family members on the bus, roughly thirty of us and we were able to have a nice ride together. In the long run it actually saved us some money since we didn’t have to take so many cars and put gas in all of them.

The bus drove us to our destination, and then waited for our party to end so that we could use the bus to get back home again. The best part was that it actually picked us up at my house, my family members just all had to be there in order to get on. We watched some home movies on our way to the party of our previous Christmas parties using the television screens set into seats in front of us. Luckily they had iPhone ports so we could just hook our phones up and watch our videos that way.

Our experience was one we will remember for many years, and we will likely be calling up that party bus company next year when we need another ride to our big Christmas party event. I hope that next year they are still in business, but by looking at how popular party buses have become I’m sure they will be thriving.