Recipe For Beef Seasoning With Mushroom

If you like both mushroom and beef, and now looking for beef seasoning recipe that has mushroom as part of the recipe, moreover the one that is easy to cook, read on. Guess what? To make delicious food, sometimes it is not as complicated as you may think. In fact, sometimes it is very easy, but still gives you delicious taste. So then, you better not surprise that after you try the recipe, your family will acknowledge your cooking skill. Now, take a look what you need to turn the recipe into a pleasant-tasting food.

For the main ingredient, you will need beef and mushroom. But the ingredients for the seasoning are; smashed garlic, chopped leek, sliced onion, butter, vegetable oil, black pepper, Royco seasoning, salt and soy sauce. Once you prepare your cook appliances that are needed to cook beef and mushroom, then you can start. To season the beef, you can add vegetable oil, black pepper, Royco, and garlic. Take some time to mix them evenly. Only when you think it is enough, you can melt the butter to stir fry the beef.

You need to wait for some time, before you add another ingredient. Then, when you findĀ  the beef looks more brown, more when you smell something delicious from the beef, add soy sauce, mushroom, salt, and another part of Royco seasoning. Again you need to wait for some time. The last step for the recipe once you are sure that just minutes the beef will be done, straightly add onion and leek. What do you think about the recipe? To cook the recipe, normally you will spend about 65 minutes, twenty minutes to prepare the food and the rest time to cook the beef. In addition, if you use 150g for beef, you can feed four persons.