Cheap Hotel To Book When Visiting Cirebon

When it comes to vacation plan, the very first thing to consider aside from where to go, then it is must be your budget. However, you know what? If you think about spending some time in Cirebon for your next vacation plan, you don’t need to worry that much, at for a place to stay, since there is cheap Cirebon hotel. Nevertheless, Cirebon is known as the oldest city within few which makes this city even more interesting. Also, there are many jaw dropping destinations you can visit like Kesambi, Kedawung, and some other places you have in mind.


After you decide which place to visit, whether you want to enjoy its culinary, history, or anything, the next thing which is also important is a place to stay while you are away from home. No need something expensive or luxury if you can’t afford it, however ensure that you it caters comfortableness that you need to lean back and relax after spending a whole day wander around the city. Fortunately, there are good hotels in Cirebon with good prices that make even those in-budget travelers can book, curios? If so, you better read on.


Those who only can afford IDR 229,500 per night, Hotel Apita Express is worth booking. Apart from comfortable hotel room and the hotel facility like free Wi-Fi for 24/7, this hotel is located pretty near with any destination that you want to visit when either you or you with your family spend some time in Cirebon. Else, if you have more budget like IDR 317,262 to pay per night, then Amaris Cirebon is what you need. Say that you look for a good hotel nears station, this hotel is a good option. The hospitality of the staffs will ease your first day there.


The room is clean, and if you are a business traveler, this hotel is quite popular among other business travelers. Not to mention, however, if you expect to get the benefits of affordable,yet comfortable hotel room, be sure that you book your preference hotel in Cirebon through certain hotel booking site like MIster Aladin for instance. Not only those above mentioned hotels, if you expect another option that like 4-star hotel as your budget allows you to do so, there you find some hotels that fit to your need, and, guess what? That option, too, you’ll find affordable for special discount.